Rejuice is an organic beverage and vegan food cafe specializing in organic & vegan juice, smoothies and food.  We use local and organically certified produce; every beverage is cold pressed and hand crafted by our master juicer, Ron Anthony.  We offer customized cleanses and nutritional advice as well as our juice delivery and refillable bottle exchange program.  Quality, consistency and attention to detail are just a few of the many things that set us apart from other juice bars.


Elisabeth Röhm

Seen to many as a supermom, actress Elisabeth Röhm has been successfully juggling a full time job as a mother and actress over the past few years. Now, with three film projects in the pipeline, a new TV show on Lifetime, and a weekly celebrity mom blog on People.com that reached over a million readers– it is amazing that she stays beautiful, healthy and positive while managing to be consistently by her daughter’s side. Being that she believes in health and being active, she is developing a gym franchise and has already invested in Circuit Works located in Brentwood, CA and is a co-owner of REJUICE, a juice bar located in Santa Monica. She supports The Red Cross, The Go Red Foundation, Healthy Child Healthy World and as a whole does what she can to support children and women in need globally.-